kota stone design tiles


Natural kota Stone design tiles suitable for outside flooring and walls offered by Naksh stone,this is kota stone design tile,blue color kota stone tiles,brown kota stone tiles,back surface is calibrated front is mirror polished,thickness is even,per tiles weight- 17kg/-pcs.one color & one lot material ganrantee,

kota stone design tiles

  • Size – 22″x22″,22″x16″
  • Thickness – 18mm
  • Finishing – top surface is natural fine polished and bottom is calibrated 
  • Color – blue,brown, yellow
  • Price range – 90/- sq ft
  • weight- 17kg/-pcs
  • Shape right-angle


kota stone design tiles is made by us,helping latest technology machine,it is are beautiful finishing  of kota stone brown and blue used in floorings of flats. These kota tiles are mirror polished kota stone  to deliver a finished look with perfect idea. kota stone tiles is used in different patterns and art to complement the house and the choice of the customers. Kota stone tiles are good in strength and power delivering best performance to our clients since years of best services and no regret as well. Naksh stone are best manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of Kota stone tiles giving highly resistant tiles to the clients making them ours forever and ever. As delivering best from years builds respect and value for our company in the market. kota stone design tiles just like ceremic tiles it is packed in curreted box,one box contains two tiles.

Kota stone design tiles look like the traditional flooring made of stone. Stone tiles cost ranges from 45 rupees per square. feet and up. Natural stone tiles add an elegant and classy design to any space, enhancing it by their distinctive charm. Stone tiles are offered from Naksh stone in different sizes, such as 22″x22″ , 22″x16″ and 22″x 4″

Kota stone design tiles

kota stone ready made tile is fully polished no polished require after fix it,it is just like ceremic tiles,one box contain two pcs,kota stone tiles is lime stone natural stone, it is very high quality of kota stone,We have our foremost goal to give potential and quality to our clients for all their use. And additionally this stone is well known for its eternal beauty and cheap prices as well, this invites a wide range of clients choosing Kota stones as their choice for their home and commercial use. Adding a zing to the interior atmosphere our range of soothingly bright bluish green colored kota stone tiles are affordable for any budget and available in all sizes. Its durability Is also an added feature. The finishing, polishing and cutting process is very closely monitored by our Quality Checkers multiple times and in different ways before giving a final go ahead. finishing of kota stone one side mirror polished other side calibrated.

Kota stone design tiles that are made out of Glazed natured can be as durable in their construction as the natural stone. They gain their strength and durability by being exposed to high temperatures in the kiln. Once installed, these tiles will be a beautiful addition to your floors for years to become. They are ideal for parking because they offer a wide range of benefits such as strength, minimal wear and tear and can effortlessly handle foot traffic with heavy falls.

kota stone design tiles

kota stone design tiles

kota stone design tiles

kota stone design tiles


Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 18 in


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