black kota stone


Semi-polished black kota stone is availble in diamond polished and table polished form,it is also available in different type of finish- leather finished,river-finished,mirror-polished,

Black kota stone  Featurers

  • Size – 23″x23″
    Thickness – 18-24mm Or 25-32mm
  • Color- black
  • Finishing – top surface semi-polished
  • Uses – warehouse and railway Railway plateform flooring



Black Kota stone 22″x22″‘price is very low than other blac flooring stone so kota stone is used in many projects in india and abroad, black kota stone is a fine-grained variety of Limestone mainly used for exteriors, corridors, pathways, driveways, balconies,commercial buildings etc.  Colors available – black,

Black kota stone   

Black Kota stone 2×2 is lime stone natural stone,it is very high quality of kota stone 22″x22″tiles,We have our foremost goal to give potential and quality to our clients for all their use. And additionally this stone is well known for its eternal beauty and cheap prices as well, this invites a wide range of clients choosing Kota stones as their choice for their home and commercial use.


black stone

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