kota stone, kota pathar, cotta stone, kota limestone & kota ladi

kota pathar

kota pathar is also know as kotta stone,cota stone,kotah stone,kota ladi, rajasthani kota,kota blue limestone, kota brown limestone,south ka tandur stone, kota farshi, kota marble and  kota limestone is one stone used for multiple uses.

kota stone,kota pathar,cotta stone,kota limestone & kota ladi

Kota stone is a very beautiful stone in itself, it is much more liked than other stones, its luster is very much liked in India and abroad, this stone is applied indoors and outdoors, Kota Ladi There is both good and bad quality in the Kota stone mines, the quality of the first stone that comes out in the mines of Kota stone is not good. It does not even come out, there is a difference of 4-5 square feet in the rate of this.

The minimalist style of design flows throughout the master bedroom. It is focused on relaxation and creating an environment that is user-friendly. The stone and veneer background to the bed , with grooves is the main feature of the room that exemplifies the elegance of the color palette of the material that is used. Kota stone flooring in simple patterns has its own unique charm and gives the impression of class. The furniture and material fit nicely with the overall style and is a perfect match with the interior.The style was to be vibrant yet timeless and modern in the same moment. The same theme is present in every common space. Each room, however, has distinct characteristics depending on the character of the individual who utilizes it.

kota stone flooring indoor

Once one is in the home, one is greeted by the living space which is distinguished by Indian aesthetics , using the use of Kota stone and openings to the outdoor landscape as well as a pooja zone connected to the. When you get to the dining space and the dining area, the value of the space is doubled in size due to the heights, a decorative slab ceiling, a staircase, as well as an entrance to the garden landscape.


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