Jaisalmer marble

Jaisalmer marble price start from 40/-sq.ft. upto 85/-sq.ft. price depend on size,thickness and polish or unpolished material,Jaisalmer yellow marble is yellow marble tiles,we are manufacturer & wholesaler of jaisalmer marble in jaisalmer Rajasthan india,jaisalmer marble is best flooring and countertop  of wash basin,jaisalmer marble is loved by homeowners and architects for its natural yellow-orange texture. It comes up in stunning shades making it a classy choice for home and office. Let us find how it is formed – it is a metamorphic rock that is formed due to change in limestone or dolomite over a period of time. The texture depends on the chemical constituents, size and uniformity of grains4

Jaisalmer marble

Apart from the wonderful texture, the quality that makes Jaisalmer marble price stand apart is resistance to water and durability. They are ideal for living room, dining hall, bathrooms, fireplaces and entryways. Jaisalmer marble are quarried from mines located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, it is the reason it is also called Desert Gold Marble. Get them today to have a stunning looking interior and exterior flooring

  • Product id- 2277889
  • Size- slab size
  • stone type- limestone
  • Origin -Rajasthan 
  • Product type- lime stone
  • Thickness – 18mm (Regular)
  • Uses – flooring and countertop
  • color – yellow
  • Availibity- pre-order
  • price – 40/-sq.ft upto 86/-sq.ft.


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