Cotta stone

Cotta Stone is a type of strong green color flooring stone, because of its long life and cheap cost, the world is propagated by the cost, the people of cotta stone look inside and out in their houses, these stones are different in size and thickness available, cotta Stone is in the Kota and Jhalawar district of Rajasthan, and the mines and industry is in the same way, like the Kota Stone, the stone is the tandoor of Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan nimbahera in class but get the stone quality  is less than cotta stones is much like stone Because of People cotta pathar,

Cotta stone

Due to the low price of this stone, it is sold more than the other natural stone. The typical feature of this stone is that it is found in quantity in every size, whereas the other stone is difficult to combine in the same size,

Cotta stone flooring

It is found in four colors that the price of all colors is different; the price of green color is low because of which it is sold more because its price is more than the other color due to its price work. Price is low,

Main featurer

  • This is not a slip
  • Not seen
  • Good for eyes
  • This stone can bear the weight
  • Flooring cost less than tiles
  • Small size price less than big size
  • One color lot in 5000 sq.ft.
  • Availibity is easy in anywhere in india

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