kota stone news

kota stone news

Kota stone news – Ramganj mandi is very famous for kota stone and Coriander seeds, there is more than two thousand proccessing units of kota stone, kota stone main market in Ramganj mandi, jhalawar, chechat and roongi, every eyer 4 crore sq feet kota stone production in kota stone mines,every day more than 100 trucks are loaded from kota stone factories. there are five Ricco industries area – kudayala, suket, jhalrapatan growth center, chechat & anantpura industries area.kota stone flooring is very famous for it’s good looking and long lasting durability.

kota stone mines

kota stone mines

In the Kota stone mines, the work stops completely in the rainy season because the Kota stone mines are filled with water, due to which the production of Kota stone in the mines stops completely, before the rains the raw material of Kota stone factory Malls are stocked for 3-4 months, during the rainy season, the rate of ready malls increases by 2-3 rupees square feet, after Rakhi in Kota stone mines means work starts every year after August It goes, which lasts till the last week of June before the rains, the first fight breaks out in the mines, which are of poor quality, but nowadays, before the quarrel in the mines of Kota Stone, even before the quarrel, the bugs have started cutting. Because the quality of the stone of Kota stone has decreased, because this type of Kota stone stone has stains and blemishes, which do not look good in flooring after applying, after this the fake Kota stone comes, that After that comes the mall of Bichli and third which is considered the best in terms of quality and finally comes the production of fourth of Kota stone which is also very good, thus Kota stone. The complete mathematics of tone mines is understandable,

Dhaniya mandi

Kota stone small scale industries association

kota stone small scale industries association

There is an association of traders of Kota Stone which is in Kudayla Ramganj Mandi, this organization helps in solving the problem of traders, it is elected every third year, the source of income of this association is a slip of the association with every vehicle. O, whose charge is taken from the transporters, this organization insures every Kota stone-laden truck that goes to other states. It has helped to solve every problem at the time of royalty, the state government gets income from royalty in crores every year, the royalty is given to the private company, but for the last few years, the contractor has left the quota of royalty in the middle. tax goes,

Entrepreneurs should make a new plan to advance Kota Stone: Om Birla

On 7/11/2021 in association meeting, kudayla, R.mandi,Rajasthan

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said, by talking to the entrepreneur exporters also, try to create the demand for Kota stone in other countries also. Prepare a list of government departments in which the demand for Kota Stone has also decreased. They will try that this department also starts buying Kota stone again. Kota stone entrepreneurs did not change according to the changing times and demand. This is the reason why there has been a steady decline in the demand for Kota Stone. Entrepreneurs should market Kota stone afresh. They will also extend all possible help to them in increasing the use of Kota Stone. This was stated by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla at the Deepawali Sneha Milan function of Kota Stone Small Scale Industries Association on Sunday. Addressing the function organized in Kudayala, Speaker Birla said, the use of tiles is increasing rapidly. Today everyone wants to finish the construction work as soon as possible. Kota stone has its own luster and strength, but it takes time to apply. This is the reason that even the government departments where it was used are also now choosing other options. In such a situation, Kota stone entrepreneurs will have to prepare themselves for the future together. They should make changes in the Kota stone according to the demand and need so that it can be used more easily. Apart from this, try to create demand for Kota stone in other countries by talking to exporters as well. Prepare a list of government departments in which the demand for Kota Stone has also decreased. They will try that this department also starts buying Kota stone again.

kudayala industrial Area

kudayala industrial area

Working is even on in the rainy season.

These days work is done in the Kota stone mines even in the rainy season, due to which the people of Kota stone factory have stopped stoning rough malls, by bringing raw stone directly from the mines, polishing and cutting work is done in the factory, first this process It was in only a few mines but now in 60% of stone mines, stone comes to the factory from Sida mine, before this Kota stone from mines used to come in stock first, after that it used to go from stock to factory but now it works like this.


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